Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two of a Kind Baby Banz Giveaway

From Two of a Kind:
"Baby And Kidz Banz Review And Giveaway
Evan was born in the summer and we were always outside. From the start, we needed to have sunglasses on him so he could be getting the UV protection that he needed. We would put a big floppy hat on him, but his sunglasses would always come off!If we would have had Baby Banz, we wouldn't have had that problem! Our little man would have had the protection he needed and his sunglasses would stay put. Baby Banz are sunglasses with a band that wraps around the head so they don't come off as easily.
One of my readers will get a pair of either the Kidz Banz or Baby Banz.To enter, visit the Baby Banz website and tell me which color you want and if you want the Baby Banz or Kidz Banz! This is required and must be done before the extra entries count!"
Go here to enter:

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