Friday, March 13, 2009

3 Kids and Us Boon Giveaway

From 3 Kids and Us:

"It’s funny how such a simple thing can lead to so much. It all began with a messy toddler bathtub. Designer Rebecca Finell’s wheels started turning and the Frog Pod was born.

But the problem solving didn’t stop there. She had lots of ideas for other parenting innovations so she sought out a partner, Ryan Fernandez—who could create a successful business—and together they founded Boon Inc. Today Boon offers a wide range of products that help parents all over the world.

We’re committed to creating nothing but the most innovative gear—and keeping it affordable. Our design studio is always in motion, tackling one parenting challenge after another. And don’t forget our commitment to quality and safety. Call us if you have any questions. We want you to be thrilled with our products! Plus, we like hearing from you.

Mom Approved:

Splat? Scrubbles? Water bugs? What are these you ask…the newest line of bath toys from Boon and I’m in love, more importantly, my daughter is too! I wish I had my Flip with me during bath time because as each toy made its way into the tub all I kept hearing was “wooooowwww” and then another “wooooowwww”. This actually went on for a good ten minutes. Just check out the first picture on the left, that is her “wooooowwww” face.

My daughter has been a water bug herself since she got her first bath, the water is her zone! The first bath toy we introduced was the Splat set, much like an ordinary ring toss game, but in a fun design. The giant blue “splat” bases floats on top of the water among her many bubbles and the idea is to toss the 3 colorful rings over the center peg. While her aim isn’t so great at this age, she definately had fun chasing the splat base around the tub.

Next we popped in the Water Bugs set that comes with a small mesh net and three little water bugs for her to capture. I think she had the most fun with this bath toy because she was all over the bath tub chasing down the 3 colorful floating bugs in an attempt to capture them.

boonpic3 Splat, Bugs, and Scrubbles Oh My   Boon Giveaway

Last, my personal favorite, in came the Scrubble set. Why is this my favorite? Because not only can my daughter have a little fun, but do some of the bath room clean up for me as well. These funky little scrubbers came in handy after I bought my daughter some tub crayons. After marking up the walls of the tub she had so much fun scrubbing everything back off with the textured Scrubbles.

boonpic41 Splat, Bugs, and Scrubbles Oh My   Boon GiveawayBoon really delivers on the ultimate bath time fun by not only providing safe and playful bath toys, but offering an adorable way to clean up and store all of their fun bath toys! A few weeks ago my daughter was given a handy little gift, the pink Bug Pod from Boon. This giant lady bug bath toy storage system sticks right onto your wall and the removable bug works as a strainer to scoop up the toys leaving the water behind. Take a peek below and see how easy it is to scoop up the toys and store them back on the bug base. Plus (yes there’s more), the top of the Lady Bug Pod provides a nice little shelf to store your children’s bath soap and keep it out of their reach. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned my head to find an empty $5 bottle of soap and 3 feet of bubbles in the tub.

For those of you with boys or wanting something a little funkier, they also have the original Frog Pod!

Buy It:

All of these fun bath toys including the Splat, Scrubble, and Water bugs are available on the Boon website starting at $7.99 each.

boonpic1 Splat, Bugs, and Scrubbles Oh My   Boon Giveaway

Win It:

giveawaylogo Splat, Bugs, and Scrubbles Oh My   Boon Giveaway

Boon has generously offered one of our lucky readers a pink Bug Pod bath toy storage system!

boonpic2 Splat, Bugs, and Scrubbles Oh My   Boon Giveaway

Giveaway Entry:

Visit Boon and tell us what your favorite product they offer is!


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