Friday, March 13, 2009

Catch The Drift Eyeliner Giveaway

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From Catch the Drift: "I love to pamper myself. I have found that caring for my hair and skin makes me feel happier about me. I can walk with more confidence and know that I am giving my body the care it deserves.
I heard about Honeybee Gardens and their all natural, cruelty-free and environmentally aware products. I looked them up and noticed they have a great selection of cosmetics, hair and body care. They even have products for men. Knowing of Honeybee Gardens all natural products and seeing their incredible prices motivated me to learn more.
I have been using Honeybee Gardens JobaColors Eye liner for a couple of weeks now. First off, I am very particular with my make-up, especially my eye liner. I am always hesitant when the price is inexpensive and the product is all natural. I have noticed with other products like this that their eye liner goes on too dark or too light, doesn't blend or doesn't last. I am happy to day that Honeybee Gardens has been the perfect eyeliner. The eyeliner goes on and it last all day. It really stays on all day.
One of my favorite things to do with my eyeliner is to blend it so it softens it's look around the eye. JobaColors eye liner does this perfectly. For the great price and knowing I can use products that are aware of the environment and me as a women I will continue to use Honeybees products.
I loved how this product worked so much I decided to include a picture of how it looks. I am no model, but look how soft and perfect this eye liner looks.

The Giveaway: Honeybee Gardens is giving away a set of 3 JobaColors eye liner to two winners. Both winners will recieve all colors.

To Enter: Visit Honeybee Gardens and look around (This is a must). Come back and leave a comment telling me something else, besides the eye liner's, that you would love to try."


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