Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catch The Drift Tooth Keepsake Giveaway

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From Mama Snow at Catch the Drift:

"Though my son is barley turning four, he is missing his two front teeth. Much to our surprise last Nov. our son had two very loose teeth. We did an x-ray to find he had no root. This must have been cause by some past trauma to his teeth. Needless to say he will be minus his teeth for at least two years or more.

With all this excitement the Tooth Fairy has had one concern. She hasn't been sure as to what to do with her new collection of teeth. I have to admit I hate throwing these precious little teeth away. They are a reminder of my little boy and the baby I once use to hold in my arms and rock to sleep. Anything I can keep to hold on to those memories is worth it. Luckily we just received a VERY SPECIAL delivery last week. It was a package sent from the Tooth Fairy. My son and I opened the package to find a beautifully wrapped "Tooth Fairy Keepsake" book and a Chenille Tooth Pillow. My son is so excited to move on from the little plastic bag we used for his first teeth and on to this adorable pillow. The pillow has a small pocket that allows the Tooth Fairy to leave her gift in for the child. It is soft and made very well.

(Luckily we got the package just as we were leaving to go to some nice function. Otherwise my boy would be wearing his spider man costume which he rarely takes off! )
Now as for those teeth. The package also included a book in which you can easily add your child's teeth to. You simply put a little glue on them and push them into the book where the tooth belongs. Off to the side there is a place you can place the date your child loss their tooth. It really was easy and included a special poem sent from the Tooth Fairy. My son has to look in his book several times through out the day. He is so proud of his book and the two teeth he has already used to fill it in. I am so glad My son and I have the Tooth Fairy Keepsake book to hold on to those precious baby teeth. You can purchase the Tooth Fairy Keepsake book or pillow for a boy or a girl. You can even purchase both in a special set. This is something want to use for each of my children and I defiantly plan on purchasing one for my daughter as well.

The "Tooth Fairy Keepsake gifts" make great baby gifts or the perfect gift for a child who lost their very first tooth!

The Giveaway: The winner will win their own "Tooth Fairy Keepsake Book" (for boy or girl).

To Enter: You must visit the The Tooth fairy Keepsake Gifts site and tell me which one of your favorite celebrities owns a Keepsake gift! (This is a must!)"


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