Monday, March 16, 2009

Natural Mommie GIVEAWAY EVENT!!!!

Natural Mommie is going to have a special giveaway EVENT! She has lots of prizes - check out this first one and don't forget to stop by her blog to check for more - or better yet, subscribe and get her posts right in your email box. There's also a button on the sidebar that will take you straight to her blog.

From Natural Mommie:

"I've been a busy bee over the past few months working hard to find my fellow bloggin' mamas some of the most eco-friendly, natural, organic and fabulous giveaway prizes to offer you on my blog. I have loads of prizes for mama and baby to give away! But don't worry, the giveaways won't stop after April...I'll keep you busy with reviews and giveaways of the best eco-friendly products long after the April showers have passed!

I was holding out strong for April 1st to begin but since I can't wait any longer I'm going to start things off today! I'm going to be holding a month's worth of eco-friendly daily giveaways! My goal is to make the world a little kinder and greener for our children and our children's children one fabulous find at a time.

So I'm starting you off with the chance to win a $25 gift card for Starbucks. I'm jealous of the winner already because there's not even a Starbucks where I live! The closest one is 1.5 hours away! Booo.

Why Starbucks? Well, there's something for everyone and Starbuck's Fair Trade agreement makes me happy. Starbucks, one of the largest buyers of Fair Trade Certified coffee, will double its purchases to 40 million pounds this year, making the company the largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee in the world. Fair Trade is an alternative way of doing business - one that builds equitable, long-term partnerships between consumers and producers. Many coffee farmers receive prices for their harvest that can be less than the costs of production, forcing them into a cycle of poverty and debt. They are often forced to sell to intermediaries who pay them a fraction of the market price, generally between 10-50 cents per pound. Fair trade coffee currently sells for a minimum of $1.26 per pound. While they don't have a huge organic variety, okay okay, they have one {Organic Shade Grown Mexico coffee} but at least they have one organic item on their menu...that's more than most can say!"

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