Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snooooooooopy! Easter Beagle!

Nicole's Nickels is hosting a Snoopy DVD, Plush and Book Giveaway!!!!! Be still my heart, I want to win this one SO bad. Thank you Snoopy's People for giving Nicole this cool, cool stuff for a giveaway! I'm doing everything I can to win this one - look out! Woo-hooo! I've been hunting for a bargain on the Easter Beagle DVD for TWO years (unsuccessfully), it 's always out at our library.....hmmmm, I haven't tried Netflix, but I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win....sending positive vibes.

If you want to enter too (there will be TWO winners - otherwise I probably wouldn't even be tellin' ya, I'm just sayin') CLICK HERE


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