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Swami Baby GC Giveaway!

Ohana Mama is introducing us to a great shop, Swami Baby. Organic, great design...what's not to love? Enter the contest, check out Ohana Mama's other posts, feel jealous because she's in Hawaii, oops, i digress. Go enter!!!

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From the blog Ohana Mama:

"From the moment I found Swami Baby’s owner, Katie Holley, on Twitter I was in love with her shop, Swami Baby. The yogi baby logo had me at ‘om’. But what is even better is that the clothes at Swami Baby- for Mama, baby and older children- are equally as adorable, made of fantastic quality cotton (most organic) and have really unique and meaningful designs.

We all love our Swami Baby shirts in our house. My son was instantly in love with his fire element shirt. I mean, right away he was drawn to it and wanted to wear it. Fire means passion and that is exactly what he has for this’s almost odd, but I’m not complaining. It was pretty cool that I was able to use this shirt to talk to my son about the elements - fire, water, air and earth. It was a cool conversation with a cool, and passionate, 4 year old, let me tell you.

My daughter, although she can’t read, she sure can get people to take notice, and hopefully live every day as earth day with her organic lap tee that states just that ‘Earth Day is Every Day’. It’s adorable, sends a great message to all that coo at her and it’s made of comfy cotton for her delicate skin.

Swami Baby has not left out the parents of Swami Babies. They have a wonderful selection of hoodies, yoga pants, and graphic shirts for women as well as a long sleeve tee for men. My white hoodie is so comfortable, perfect for walks in the cooler part of the West side in the morning. With the om symbol at my heart center, there’s just something about it that makes me feel good. And is it just a coincidence that the initials of Ohana Mama are OM…I think not!

Let’s Talk Story..
I was lucky enough to talk a little story with the owner of Swami Baby, Katie Holly. Read on to learn a little more about this centered mom and her Swami Baby biz.

I love your goods at Swami Baby! The logo itself is adorable! Tell us how you got started offering such awesome cuteness.

Thanks. I know it sounds funny, but it just came to me. I teach yoga and really work with students on learning to live in the now, let things go, be fully present. When I come home from class I see that my kids (max, 3 tom 3 and Anna 2) just “get it.” They embody those ideals. I also have many friends having babies now. When I shop for unique items, I just didn’t like what I was seeing. Many of the onesies that had the voice of the child were awful in my opinion. “Got Boob?” that type of thing. I just wanted to offer something more true to honor kids wisdom.

I am loving your “Just Breathe Mom” onesie. What are your faves from your store?

That was my very 1st shirt idea. My favorite too. I also really like the “constantly changing” that and the “same shirt different day, I recycle”. And of course I can’t live without my yoga pants!!

When I had my son, I did a yoga class that incorporated moves that I could do with him, I LOVED it! Did/do you do yoga with your little ones?

I do. We have been doing yoga at home since they were able to start. We just recently went to our first class. It was so much fun to watch the twins listen so intently to the teacher. Tom was very focused, but Max went to his water bottle a few times. It was great! They have been practicing their balance at home.

Can you share any breathing techniques with us, since you are a yoga instructor? I am sure many of us moms could use it throughout our day!

First of all, remember to do it. One of the things I teach is to first just simply bring awareness to the breath. It is something we do all day and rarely take note of. After we notice our natural state of breath then we can begin to use techniques. A simple one is just 4 counts in and 4 counts out.

How do you juggle your business and family life?

I really wanted to be able to stay at home with the kids while they were babies if not longer. So they are my priority, but during naps and after they go to bed it is easy to find time to work. They also come with me sometimes on errands. Most of my vendors know them now, from the graphic designer to the printer. It also gives me a creative outlet that I would miss otherwise.

What are your three must-visit sites every day?

I like cnn, startupnation (Swamibaby is currently in the moms in business 2009 competition - ) and twitter

I met you on Twitter…gotta love Twitter! :)

Care to share your twitter name so that our readers can follow you? Sure, it is @swamibaby

And you have a blog too, right? What’s the url so we can catch your posts.

What’s one thing you never leave home without?

I’d love to say something like a positive attitude, which I do try hard to have, but honestly it would be my cell phone.

Want to share a favorite quote with Ohana Mama?

If you think you can do it, or you think you can’t do it, You are right. … Henry Ford

Do you have any promos or events coming up that you’d like to share with our readers?

Free Hoodie ($28.00 value) with any purchase of $60.00 or more. Just indicate size needed at “Add special instructions to merchant prompt at the check out.”

One lucky Ohana Mama reader will win a $50 gift certificate and free shipping to Swami Baby Boutique!

How to enter…
Head on over to Swami Baby and take a look a round. Come back and let us know which item is your fave.

Extra Credit: Leave a new comment for each that you do!

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