Saturday, March 7, 2009

Two of a Kind Giveaway Spa Time Cape

From two of a kind: "Friday, March 6, 2009

Spa Time Baby CozyCare Capes
Anyone with a baby knows that bath time usually ends with Mommy or Daddy just as soaked as baby! You try and get the slippery baby out of the bath and hold a towel up against you at the same time. It just doesn't work. Either the towel slips and you have a wet tummy on your shirt or the water leaks through the towel and gets you anyway!We don't get wet anymore during bath time. We have a CozyCare Cape to solve that problem.The CozyCare Cape is just that, a cape. When bath time starts, just simply put it over your head. It has a waterproof panel on the back so that even if baby is soaking wet, it won't leak through on you!It even keeps you dry during the splashes! The CozyCare Cape is pretty large and covers your whole front.If you wear it during the whole bath, your body acts as a towel warmer so you pick baby up and put it in a warm towel! Since its already around you, you don't have to fight with trying to hold the towel up AND pick baby up out of the tub.They come in SIX different colors and can even have your baby's name embroidered on the front.Spa Time Baby also carries other great products to make bath time easy.-CozyCare Mats-CozyCare Caps-CozyCare Cloths-Spa Sets-Massage-Natural Baby Skin Care-Baby Bath Books-And More!Our Thoughts On The CozyCare CapeWe got received the Ducky Bubbles Cape.His bathroom is done in rubber ducks so it was the perfect choice for us! It is absolutely adorable and we could have had a name embroidered on it if we wanted to!I knew that we'd get tons of use out of it with our baby that will be here in a few months, but we can use it with our toddler too! I thought he'd be too big for it, but it's actually ideal for him! He loves to splash and we are usually soaking wet at the end of bath time. The CozyCare Cape keeps us dry!If you look in the bottom left of this picture, there is the waterproof backing. This makes it where no matter how much splashing there is, you stay dry!My husband and I have different ways of getting him out of the tub, but both ways result in us getting wet if we don't use the Cape. I try and tuck a towel under my chin, but that doesn't make it where the towel covers my whole front. Hubby lays the towel on the floor and then grabs him. BUT this makes for slippery baby and I'm scared he'll drop him, PLUS the water drips down his arms and still gets him wet!The Cape makes it safer to get him out AND keeps us dry. Babies are slippery when you try to get them out of the bath and there is always a fear that you will let them slip. The CozyCape makes it where there is towel right there at your arm and so baby is safer!BUY ITYou can purchase the CozyCare Cape for $38.95 without monogram and $48.95 with monogram.WIN IT!!One of my readers is going to win a CozyCare Cape of their choice!To enter, visit Spa Time Baby and tell me which Cape you'd choose! This is required and must be done before the extra entries count!"

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