Friday, March 20, 2009

Well EVERYONE will like this giveaway - CASH!!!

This is one of my favorite blogs, check out all the posts, and enter this CASH giveaway!!!


From the blog, Choyster Cash

To enter the $100 Giveaway do ones of these things:

1. To get one point sign up for the Choyster Cash email newsletter, then leave 1 comment in the comment section saying you did so:

2. To get 2 sign ups, blog about this $100 Giveaway and then leave 2 comments!

3. For 3 sign ups, follow me on Twitter here and then leave 3 comments on this post!

P.S. Did you pick up the latest freebies? Here are some healthy samples,a baking pan, a child safety kit, American Baby magazine, and more..."


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