Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now at Target! Chic & Cozy Blanket Bag

The Chic & Cozy Blanket Bag is now available at Target stores.

Resourceful Mommy is hosting a twitter party site-warming to celebrate. Click here to find out more information, including how to win door prizes!

The Resourceful Mommy says this: "Imagine throwing your little one's tummy time or toddler toys into a bag, throwing it over your shoulder, and heading out the door. The bag is soft, it's comfortable, it's chic.
Then you get to the park - and you open the bag into a blanket. You place your baby on the blanket among the toys and enjoy your afternoon. When clean up time arrives, you simply close the blanket back into a bag, throw it over your shoulder with one hand and go!

The Chic&Cozy is the perfect beach bag. It's the perfect baby shower gift! It's form and function."


  1. I have been looking everywhere for this bag!!! I want one and want to buy my girlfriends one! They look awesome! Help

  2. If you can't find it at Target....go here


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