Friday, October 2, 2009

Ruby Pinwheels

Amy at Resourceful Mommy, wrote this about Ruby Pinwheels. Please visit both - Resourceful Mommy, and Ruby Pinwheels to support these amazing women and learn more!

"Ruby Pinwheels, an online infant and children's product store, is the brainchild of two successful business woman who came together with the desire to have careers that were not only more flexible, but also embraced the causes about which they were passionate. Between them they are a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a godmother, a friend...and they have purchased many children's products in their lives! Their desire to sell products made from natural and organic products developed from their own personal experiences with the benefits of using and wearing natural products. Fair Trade: The owners of Ruby Pinwheels understand the importance of community support and resources when starting a business, and are also well aware that not all parts of the world have this same nurturing environment. Ruby Pinwheels works hard to promote partners who provide opportunities for economic independence for women and for individuals in disadvantaged situations." FROM WWW.RESOURCEFULMOMMY.COM


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