Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

1. Invitations

Invitations create the first impression. Have you seen Tiny Prints? This amazing company produces such high quality printed materials. Last Christmas, I got a few very special cards, flipped 'em over and sure enough - Tiny Prints! Baby shower invitations are one of their specialties. They even suggest wording for you!

2. Along with choosing your invitations, choose a theme

The theme you choose for the shower will carry over into every aspect, so make it easy on yourself and choose something with a wide-range and lots of choices. For example, if you choose something obscure, you won't be able to easily find or make decorations. A good place to start is Tiny Prints!
3. Favors

If you put nuts and mints into a cupcake paper cup, your friends will talk about you for years - and not in a good way!

How about these Marshmallow Pops from Bakerella that can be customized based on your theme? Now, that's what I'm talking about! Check out her website to see more options for marshmallow and cake pops.

4. Decorations

You don't have to spend a fortune, but don't neglect this area either. It can make or break your shower. I read a cute idea about putting up a clothesline and using brightly colored clips to hang adorable baby clothes! Wouldn't that be fun? And, you haven't wasted the money, because the mom-to-be can put them to good use!

5. Centerpieces

What catches your eye when you walk into a room where there's going to be a baby shower? The centerpieces of course. You can also turn this into a favor and a game (don't you love multi-purpose?) by putting a star under one chair at each table and the person with the star takes it home! Don't overlook the time-tested balloon centerpieces. They are fun and festive, especially if decorated with tons of curly, pretty ribbons.

6. Food

For a unique, fun party, coordinate the food to the theme. Serve foods that go with your colors, or tie into the story behind your theme.

7. Gifts

Make sure to have a large and visible gift table. Baby wrapping paper, bags, etc. are so adorable all on their own. This will end up being one of your large decorating elements.

8. Choose One Focal Point and Focus

To make your baby shower unique and memorable, choose one area and focus a substantial amount of time and budget on that category. What do you want people to remember most, the food? decorations? games? Then focus your planning center on that area and go crazy!

9. Remember the needs of the Mom-To-Be

Bring a pampering package for your guest of honor. A baby shower is an emotional and physical big deal. Be sure to watch that your special person isn't overwhelmed.

10. Have fun!!

Once it's time for the party, relax, and have fun! It's too late to stress and go with the flow! That's what people remember the most when all is said and done, did everyone have fun?

About Tiny Prints:
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