Monday, February 28, 2011

Top Ten Things My Daughter Would Miss If I Were Abducted to Mars!

In honor of the release of the movie,  "Mars Needs Moms", Social Moms asked me to write about what my daughter would miss if I were abducted to Mars! Starring Seth Green as 9 year old Milo, the movie shows kids everywhere that they need their moms more than think they might *smile*. 

The team behind "Disney's A Christmas Carol" and Maya's favorite - "Polar Express", produced this new movie, "Mars Needs Moms", in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D.

So without further ado, here are the top ten things, I think my daughter, Maya, would miss if I suddenly disappeared and found myself on Mars.  (which she tells me would never happen because people can't live on Mars, my little "know-it-all".)

#10  Dreaming

We talk about our dreams, her future, things we want to do and see all the time.  I hope I am a catalyst, inspiring her dream and make wishes.  If I were abducted to Mars, she wouldn't be as inspired to dream. 

#9  Swimming

In the winter, I take my daughter to swimming class and she is a little "fish" - loves to swim.  In the summer, I swim with her in our pool - it's something we love to do together.  We play, we enjoy being outside, we get great exercise.  Swimming and being out in the sunshine is a joy - for both of us.

#8  Cooking Together

We love to cook together, breakfast, baking - anything really.  It's an activity that allows for talking as you do it, and we are both talkers *big smile*.  Sometimes we make a pretty big mess, but it can be just as fun to clean up.  Especially when she was younger, but still today, she loves to play in the water - washing dishes is a treat.  And of course there is always, "licking the bowl!"

#7 Camping

We love to travel and camping is one of the ways we love to spend a vacation.  My daughter would surely miss camping with me.  Roasting marshmallows, making smores, learning trail signs, hiking, swimming.... fun!
#6  Shopping

We are great shoppers and love to go shopping for clothes for my daughter.  She would definitely miss shopping with me.  It's not what we buy that matters, it's the process.  It's sharing our opinions of what is beauty.  We will shop for anything and everything, mostly sharing time together.

#5  Girl's Adventure Days

We have Girl's Adventure Days, usually with my mom too, and go on adventures - sometimes out to lunch, shopping, visiting a children's museum or other attraction.  Occasionally a movie.  So fun!  We usually end up learning something and always end up laughing - a lot!

#4  Reading books together

I love to read, and I hope to pass that down to my daughter.  We love to read books together, sometimes, when we reach a part that she knows by heart, I just start the sentence and she finishes it.  One of her favorites is Moo Ba La, La, La.  It rhymes which makes it easier to remember - we've had that one memorized for a long time.

#3 Listening to Lullabies at Bed Time

Every night we listen to Carne Wilson's CD A Mother's Wish Lullaby CD and we both just love it.  She would miss that.

#2  Hugs

A hug from my daughter is one of the things I treasure most in the world.  I just told her this morning, that I should have a sticker on my bottom that says, "I stop for hugs."  'Cause I do, of course!  I know she would miss my hugs.

 #1 Giggling

Maya and I often find ourselves giggling together.  Sometimes for no special reason, we just look at each other and the joy of life giggles up.  It's one of my favorite things and I know it's the number one thing I would miss!

As much as I would love to try space travel, if I had to go without my family, I would definitely go kicking and screaming, because this list is also the top ten things I would miss most!!

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