Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go Graham Go Best for Babies Giveaway

From Go Graham Go "Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best for Babies: Extraordinary Finds and a GIVEAWAY!
It is hard to find a store that has EVERYTHING you are looking for when it comes to babies and toddlers. Sure, we all have the huge stores that offer us all of the same old stuff...but...what about the things that are REALLY worth our money and are safe, special, and really work for our kids? It can be confusing when you are pregnant or a first time mom and weeding through the piles of products available. I remember searching through the product reviews when I was pregnant and my head would be spinning! Well, I have found the store that has done all of the work for you: Best For Babies!The number one concern of Best For Babies is the safety of the items they offer! You can rest assured knowing that they have actually used the products before offering them for sale. This unique store can provide any answers to questions that you might have about the products offered because of this! You can even set up your gift registry! Best For Babies was founded by moms who know which takes the pressure off of you to find the best. They also care about the community and offer a portion of their proceeds to The Matthew Bittker Foundation which helps fund pediatric cancer research.An example of some of the great items they offer are the K's Kids Pull Back Autos! These cute little cars have quickly won the heart of Graham! The first day he got them, when he wasn't playing with them, he walked around with them tucked under his arm! They go just about every where with him!Now, Graham loves ANYTHING car related, but I love these cars more than any other he owns (trust me, he owns several). Why, you ask? Well ladies and gentlemen.....you can throw them in the washing machine when they are dirty!!! That's right, you just unfasten the Velcro from the bottom and pop the base and wheels out! I also love how versatile and safe they are! These are the first plush cars that actually work that I have seen and there are 4 to a pack! You just pull them back and let them go (and they are very speedy even on the carpet)! The K's Kids Pull Back Autos can also serve as plush stacking blocks. You can purchase the Pull Back Autos for $30 at www.bestforbabies.com!
See it in Action:
True to Best For Babies word, the K's Kids products hold some of the highest safety standards and have won 18 awards! I honestly had never heard of K's Kids until Best For Babies! I am so excited to have found a quality store that truly has their customers and community in mind!Want to win the K's Kids Pull Back Autos for yourself? "

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