Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Go Graham Go Eleven Shoes Giveaway

From Go Graham Go. "Friday, February 20, 2009

Eleven Shoes: Safe and Fun for Kids Feet! GIVEAWAY!
You all know that I am a huge advocate for safe and functional shoes for growing kids feet! I love the See Kai Run shoes that Graham has and was tickled pink to find out that they have a "sister" company that creates shoes for bigger kids! Eleven are the shoes made for kids ages 3-8, run from sizes 9-3, and they have the same great features as the See Kai Run shoes!
Eleven shoes are still made with the same quality leather and flexibility! And of course, who could forget the wonderful style of these beautiful little shoes?! They have a cushioned insole for a nice, comfortable step as well! I have to get on my soap box again here about buying quality shoes for your growing children's feet! Honestly, this is probably one of the most important times to have a good shoe. Your little girl or guy's feet are growing and developing extremely rapidly! A flexible fit is important! I normally try to find the cheapest option in most cases...but not with shoes! I don't think shoes is a place to skimp! The way kids go through shoes, you will actually save money by choosing a quality pair that lasts!
One of our friends (4 years old) got to try out these precious Josie shoes by Eleven! Not only are the adorable, but the leather is so soft that it feels like they have been worn for a while! They are not stiff like most new shoes.
The shoes also handle getting dirty well which we all know is a MUST when you have small children. (I think Graham is a walking dirt bomb sometimes)! Another plus is the Velcro closure that makes the shoes extremely user friendly for kids as well as parents! These particular shoes are cute because they have the appearance of "big girl" tie up shoes!
"M", our 4 year-old friend, claims that these shoes even help her jump higher! How cute is that! I think it speaks volumes that these are the only shoes "M" has wanted to wear since she received them!
Eleven shoes retail for about $36-$54.
Want to win some for your cutie? Eleven shoes has generously offered one reader their choice of Eleven shoes! Here's How to Win, go to

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