Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Contest Corner Magic Pumpkin Art Giveaway

from contest corner:

"Contest Corner's Inaugural Giveaway: Magic Pumpkin Art!

If you read my other blog, Super Coupon Girl, then you know how much I love to host blog giveaways. That's why I'm very excited to bring you Contest Corner's very first giveaway - Magic Pumpkin Art!

Magic Pumpkin Art is a mom-owned company offering unique art prints for children. Christine Vogensen founded the company because she felt there was a lack of fun, creative decorations for kids' rooms. Offering 20 different designs, these colorful prints are true works of art. Each one is a gallery wrapped canvas that is mounted using museum quality methods. There are cute zoo animals in the "Adventure Safari" collection, unicorns and fairies in the "Being a Girl Is Fun!" series, and footballs, baseballs, and basketballs galore in the "Sports Attitude" set. Some of these prints can also be personalized with your child's name.

The nice thing about Magic Pumpkin Art is that it is whimsical without being cutesy or cloying. I have a confession to make - when I received a print in the mail from Magic Pumpkin Art, I hung it on my own wall by my desk. (I'm 25, by the way.) But I couldn't resist the "Butterfly" print - the design is a sort of childlike take on modern art, featuring bright butterflies and hearts covered in rhinestones. As you can see, it goes great with my bright purple walls!
This is perfect for stylish parents who are tired of cartoony wallpaper and cheesy posters. Magic Pumpkin Art is well-made and appealing to both children and the young-at-heart.

So would you like a chance to win your very own Magic Pumpkin Art print?Here's how to enter:

1. Visit Magic Pumpkin Art's website, and let me know in the comments which print is your favorite! This step is required to qualify for the drawing. Be sure to leave an email address with your comment, so that I may notify you in the event that you are the lucky winner!"


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