Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Litter Giveaway

from My Litter Giveaway

"Monday, March 9, 2009

20th Post Give Away!

Everyone likes to get free stuff. Especially me-I am always legally robbing CVS and the grocery store and getting lots of nifty free things. So today I thought I would do a give away in honor of my 20th posting. We all know how it goes! Leave me a comment, maybe even suggest something to blog about, and you'll be entered. Don't forget contact information. One entry per person, but since today is Monday you can DOUBLE your entry by re-posting on your blog (don't forget to let me know!) that I'm doing a give away.

So what is the prize? A super cute silver necklace! You can go to my little jewelry >site< and pick out one the looks like the one above! Of course, it won't have "Sarah" on it-it will have YOUR name.

The DEADLINE is next Monday for entry (the 16th) and the winner will be chosen by one of my children randomly selecting a name. I will randomly select the child. Winner will be announced on Tuesday!


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