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From the blog, Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous: "
Aromatic Health is a site specializing in products using true aromatherapy. As the site explains in the About section, aromatherapy really has become a buzz word for marketing purposes. What is true aromatherapy and who is really in the best position to market it to you?

My money is on someone like Michelle Reynolds, the founder and owner of Aromatic Health, who has 10 years experience working as an Aromatherapist. She puts her knowledge to work, creating all handmade products at Aromatic Health using only pure and organic essential oils and raw ingredients.

I was, of course, most interested in the Mother & Child area of the Aromatic Health website. Michelle sent me 2 items from this area to review in our household. A great new addition to our change table artillery is the Hemp Bum Butter.

I keep forgetting that diaper rash creams and butters are not only useful for little baby butts - they can be used for minor burns and skin irritations. Since I was having one of those weeks where my hand kept getting scraped and cut, I made a conscious effort to use the Hemp Bum Butter on my cuts when I was changing my daughter's diaper.

(Side note, does anyone else have weeks like that, when it seems like your hands are just getting knocked around and cut up...I wonder if it's a hormonal clumsiness thing?)

I should have been more "science-chick" and compared a non-treated cut/scrape and a treated one, but I didn't. I do know that making a conscious effort to use this product on my hands made me feel like they healed faster. As for baby butts, the Hemp Bum Butter worked great for the minor redness issue my daughter had last week. I haven't used it on a major diaper rash yet (I hope I don't have to).

Another item we were sent is the Children's Cold and Flu essential oil blend. I have been looking for a product like this for awhile and wish I had it earlier this cold and flu season (which is like what, 8 months long really!!) Since the use of children's cough and cold products on children younger than 2 is not at all recommended, parents are left wondering what they can use to help make their children more comfortable.

The Children's Cold and Flu essential oil blend is a great idea as something to use in the bathtub to help little sinuses. Plus, because it soaks into the skin, as a mom I think that helps at bedtime to have skin smelling like eucalyptus and lemon, among the other scents in this blend. This is actually a less potent version of the adult one, so adults can benefit from this as well.

Take some time to check out all the other items in the Mother & Child section of the site, there are some great post-partum products that I wish I had after having my last baby.

From the Aromatherapeutic area of the website, I was sent the Head Balm which I have been wanting to try forever. I have headaches that get so bad that regular pain relievers don't touch, and I have to rely on stronger medications which literally knock me out.

The first headache that the Head Balm from Aromatic Health went up against was an awful one. I still had to use the strong meds, but the uplifting scent of the ingredients in this product (jojoba seed oil, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, clary sage essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil) relaxed me so I think it did help.

Since that awful headache, I've had my usual tension headaches and have been using this product on my temples and the back of my neck as instructed and have avoided taking even the usual painkillers. I think part of the secret of this product is that it smells so good it takes your mind off the headache in the first place! Another item similar to this one that I'd like to try is the Stress Relief blend.

The final item I reviewed, which my 4 year old decided was also his item to review, is the Peppermint Lip Balm. He cranked the bottom of the tube the first day I got it so it's been a little messy to use but we're getting by (totally non-review related but I know mamas could relate to having a little helper like I have).

I really dislike the smell of fake-fruity-wax on my lips so this was a great item to have, and apparently my son thinks it's pretty cool (literally) too.

There are just so many items on the Aromatic Health site that I would like to try, and after trying what I have I know the quality is there. For mamas looking beyond just lotions as natural products to use with their own children, Aromatic Health is a great resource to have.

Michelle from Aromatic Health has generously offered an Essentials Wellness Kit to one lucky reader!
To enter, just go to Aromatic Health and take a look around. Comment here telling me one other item besides the ones I reviewed, that you would like to try.

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