Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sibu Beauty

I was lucky enough to win the full product line from Sibu Beauty at a site-warming party, hosted by The Resourceful Mommy.

In the Himalayan mountains, groves of sea buckthorn grow. The Tibetan villagers harvest the berries which have both health and beauty benefits. Sea buckthorn berries contain over 190 biocactive compounds making them one of nature's original superfoods.

According to the brochure I received with my products, the benefits of the supplements include
" * Improves skin tone and texture
* Supports hair and nail growth
* Abundant source of omega fatty acids
* Powerful free radical scavenger
* Supports sustained energy levels"

The benefits of the skin care include
"* Cleans and conditions skin
* Natural astringent
* Inhibits bacterial growth
* Revitalizes skin cells
* Promotes tissue recovery and healing
* Boosts collagen production"

Respecting the Environment and Fair Trade Practices

Sibu Beauty has "implemented processes to use precious natural resources responsibly and with minimal impact on our beloved planet". The workers that harvest the berries are paid a fair wage. Sibu Beauty strives to "run a responsible business with reverence for both people and the planet." The sea buckthorn in Sibu products is exclusively sourced through fair trade agreements with local harvesters in Tibet.

No dairy, wheat, gluten, sodium, yeast or preservatives.

Paraben-free and Cruelty-free.

About Me

Some background on the "before".....

I am 53 years old. A bit overweight. I don't exercise regularly, although with a three year old daughter, I am pretty busy ;) My hair is thin and fine, my nails are soft and I keep them very short. So there is quite a bit of room for improvement in hair, nail, and energy!

My skin, on the other hand, usually is quite good. I recently went to a "skin analysis" - texture, lack of damage, bacterial presence, tone. The results were very good - mostly in the 90th percentile or higher. The spa that did the analysis sent me home with the recommendation to keep doing whatever I was doing. That said, in the last few weeks, I haven't been taking care of my skin as usual and have had some breakouts. The change of seasons is always hard on my skin as it goes from the oily summer-skin, to dry winter-skin.

The Experiment: Day One

I'm going to start today, taking the Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement; the Sea Buckthorn AntiOxidant & Omega 7 Complex; and using the Facial Soap; and Facial Cream.

Misc. note: I love the packaging! It's clean, simple, and attractive.

Okay, I tried the liquid supplement. My first challenge - you are supposed to drink 1-3 ounces a day. Hmmm, I can also make the simplest thing difficult ;) Well, after a few different attempts, now I know that a shot glass is two ounces, so half-filled should be good. The liquid is a pretty color - sorry, visual is important to me! - a carroty-orange. I liked the taste and the texture was fine - not gritty or thick. There are a little over 25 ounces in the container, so a 9 to 25 day supply. Not sure why that's such an odd amount. Should be a 30 day?? On to the softgel complex..... easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Smaller than a fish oil, no taste, easy to swallow. The directions say 2 per day and there are 60 in the container, so a 30 day supply. On to the facial soap...

The facial soap is kind of an odd color (brownish-orange, like pumpkin pie) but okay, I'll give it a try! Directions say to apply to wet skin with hands in a circular motion, rinse and blot dry. Brb. Ohhhhhh, I LIKE the soap! It has a distinctive smell. Took a minute for me to get used to it, but then I liked it - a lot. It's a clean, fresh smell. It's been a few minutes now and my skin feels very clean - I like this feeling. There's a bit of tightness, but it feels good, not too much. I didn't read anything about how it is for removing makeup or use around the eye area. There is a Sibu rep on twitter - I'm going to ask. I'm sure you could contact the company with questions as well, they seem very customer-friendly. On to the facial cream....

The facial cream directions say "apply daily to clean skin as needed to moisturize and protect." brb. Love, love, love the packaging - glass container with pump. I like glass instead of plastic and the pump keeps it from being contaminated by dipping-fingers. It's a rich, yellow-orange color, with a faint citrus-y scent. As a personal preference, I don't care for scents, but this is very subtle and pleasant. It's not greasy. Even though my forehead is a breaking out right now (I know, over fifty and still breakouts, it stinks!), I felt comfortable putting it on my forehead. It felt like it was adding moisture, not oil, if you know what I mean. The bottle says "daytime facial cream" so that answers my question about using it before bed.

* the benefits statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

I won these products at a site-warming party on Twitter. There was no stipulation that I review or blog about them. I appreciate companies promoting their products through giveaways, twitter, and blogs, so decided to share my experiences in order to thank them for marketing in the way they do. The opinions on this blog are strictly my own. Ummm, not sure what else I'm "supposed" to say for disclosure purposes, if I missed anything please ask!


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